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4 oz. Natural Body Powder (Unscented) [75]

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Natural Body Powder
An all natural, effective blend of plant starches, clay and essential oils keeps you dry and prevents chafing. Our powder is made using Kaolin Clay, a naturally occurring earth clay with fast acting moisture absorbing properties. Clay absorbs much more moisture than cornstarch or talc, while still being gentle on skin and non-pilling. The better, safer body powder alternative!  Our body powder is milled to a fine texture for a silky feel, not grainy or coarse. Use all over to prevent, reduce and eliminate moisture and odor. Great as foot powder to keep feet dry and prevent blisters as well as helping to remove sand during camping and beach outings. Performs double duty as a dry shampoo for your hair or your dog. Sprinkle on clothes to maintain freshness during storage or while traveling - helps prevent mustiness. Comes in durable metal container with metal adjustable dial lid - sprinkle a little or a lot, or close for travel. Our formula contains no talc, corn, grains or synthetic ingredients, so you can feel good and smell good, naturally!

INGREDIENTS:  Maranta Arundinacea Root (Arrowroot) Powder, Kaolin Clay, Populus Adenopoda (Aspen Bark) Extract

Net Wt. 4 ounces

Made in USA!  Vegan & Cruelty-free

Prior to use, always test for sensitivity on small amount of skin such as forearm. Discontinue or decrease use if any signs of irritation occur. Custom scent yours by gently prying off the shaker top. Then adding 3- 7 drops of your favorite essential oil.

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