Barn and Stone House Naturals

Why choose Barn and Stone House Naturals? 

  Premium essential oil and herb selections for all natural soap and herbal soap selections with unsurpassed aroma in both handmade essential oil soaps and fragrance soaps. Our handmade soaps are unmatched, with premium ingredients. Premium blends of shea butter, olive oil, essential oils, botanicals and more. 

  • Cold Process Soap: Handmade with high quality vegetable based ingredients, made from scratch,  (not to be confused with ”melt & pour" soap or common glycerin novelty soap, which may look pretty, but is pretty much a terrible soap).
  • Reputable sources for raw materials- no shady distributors
  • Made in the United States - NOT imported
  • No animal testing
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • No sulfates
  • Paraben Free

If you have already experienced a whiff of our aromatherapy soap then you know that our handmade essential oil soaps are unsurpassed. Lavender smells like real lavender. Spearmint smells like real spearmint. Lemongrass smells like real lemongrass!  Why? Because we use only the highest quality essential oils and botanicals!

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