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Goat Milk Soap ~ None Better ~ [101]

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Goat Milk [101]

Ever since the days of Cleopatra woman have been bathing in milk to beautify

their skin. Milk contains lactic acid which breaks down dead skin cells and 

allows the skin to rejuvenate itself and attract moisture from the air.

The result is younger and healthier looking skin. 

Add Goat milk to the base Oils of Coconut, Sustainable Palm and Shea Butter and you’ll find “None Better” than this creamy soap for soft moisturized skin.

This soap has no added botanicals, scents, essential oils or herbs.


Saponified oils of  olive, coconut, sustainable palm & shea butter. 

Essential oils: none

Botanicals: none. 

Color: none

Other:  goat milk

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