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Oatmeal Honey - "Because It's Nice" [103]

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This is the perfect soap for anyone preferring a soap without Essential Oils or Scents.

A wonderful creamy soap that is similar to our "None Better Soap" only with lots of Honey and added Organic Oatmeal. Both of which are extra soothing and feels wonderful to your skin…  

 This soap is made with Sustainable palm, Olive and Coconut Oils,  Shea butter.  Honey and Cow’s milk.  No essential Oils.

 Each 4 ounce bar is packaged in an Ivory Semi Sheer Muslin Bag with an Ivory Satin Ribbon Drawstring. Perfect for Gift Giving. 

  • saponified oils of sustainable palm, olive, coconut & shea butter.
  • Essential oils: none
  • Botanicals: organic powdered oats
  • Color: none
  • Other: honey, cow's milk

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