product.asp?itemid=12Suddenly with the cold weather firmly implanted here in the northeast US...  Being stuck indoors with the furnaces pumping out warm dry air into our homes and offices...   It starts to take a toll on our largest organ.. our skin.  Dry hot air combined with those long hot showers that feel sooooo good while you are taking them but wreak havoc on our skin..  Next thing you know we find ourselves experiencing tight, itchy dry skin. Yuk!

What to do? Well.. for starters.. if you are using commercially mass produced "detergent soaps" with a chemical called Sodium Laurel Sulfate..   STOP NOW! Throw it out! Because despite what their ads say... it's making your skin dry...  because it's stripping your skin of whatever natural moisture it has left. 

Winning the battle:
Start by using a superior handmade soap which contains all of the natural glycerin that is never removed. Unlike commercial soap manufacturers who remove it... and replace the glycerin with SLS... And if.. no when.... you go with a handmade soap...  Please go with ours.  Not just because it's ours..  but go with it because our soaps are among the very best available. How do I know this? Because for years every time and every where I would go I would buy handmade soap simply to compare to ours. So I know it's way better than most and every bit as good as a few..  And is surpassed by none. There are many good choices for fighting the winter dry skin blues..  First and foremost I would personally recommend our #121 Better Butter bar which has an extra shot of shea butter which is combined with essential oils of lemongrass. It's not just super soothing to your skin.. it smells fantastic too! Other great winter soap recommendations are:  #101 Goats milk soap,  #102 Chamomile Tea,  #103 Oatmeal Honey, #116 Tea Tree lime and last but not least #119 Calendula. Don't forget that if you do have forced hot air heat in your home..  get yourself a humidifier...  your skin..  will thank you for it.. and you will sleep more comfortably as well. Using a great handmade soap often makes the need for skin creams and lotions unnecessary...  So try one of our soaps first.. and should you still need more for your skin... talk to us... because we have some of the very finest natural skin products available.
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